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We proudly present to you, the full range of new JograData Software. Most of our software is free, if it isn't, there is almost always a free or limited version of that piece of software. To purchase software go to the purchase section, where you can also order custom software.

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iView 3.0

iView is a Freeware imageviewer for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000, with support for BMP, JPG and TGA formats (Open and Save)-and  GIF, PIC, TIF, CUT, PCD, PSP, PDD, PSD, RLA, SGI, RLE, PCX and some other formats (Viewing Only). Easy browsing of images even in your internet cache file, TWAIN and Printing support, even a slide-show function with variable delay and loop.

Download Free Version Download the English Version

Download Free Version Download the Spanish Version

Download Free Version Download the Danish Version

Preview iView (Win9x/NT/ME/2000, 1.0 MB)

DukeShell 2

Launcher for Duke Nukem 3D, featuring setup of ALL game options. Support for all versions of DN3D, including Atomic/PPak and shareware.

Download Free Version (Win9x, 805 KB)

    X-Eyes v1.2 for Windows 9x/NT

A Windows-version of the mouse-following eyes that come with X-Windows
Now with all the features of the original UNIX version.
Download Free Version (Win9x/NT, 164KB)

ToolBox 1.5     

Five free small tools: TWAINCopy, FontView, 555 Oscillator Designer, ColorTool, VideoCD Player and more.

Download Free Version (Win9x/NT, 1.5 MB)

TSmartPanel 1.0

Configurable Panel with gradientfill, wallpaper and drag.

Download Free Version (Win9x/NT & Delphi 3, 7 KB)

TFontCombo 1.0

TFontCombo is a ComboBox for selecting fonts quickly. It has the property "FontName" for getting the selected font.

What sets it aside, is that it shows the font in a WYSIWYG manner, just like the font-selector in current MS-Office programs.

Download Free Version (Win9x/NT & Delphi 3+, 5 KB)

TIELabel 1.0

Label with added MouseOverFont property, giving an Internet Explorer hyperlink effect.

Download Free Version (Win9x/NT & Delphi 3+, 2 KB)

iView got four COWS at TUCOWS

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